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Lesson 5 Resources
What does a Seasonal Round Look Like?

Student Resources

Resource Gathering, Seasonal Round Stsillen

This webpage discusses the seasonal round of the Secwepemc First Nations (Southern Interior).

Cultural Survival, Wild Food in its Season: The Seasonal Round of Harvest Activities in Fort Yukon

Details on the seasonal round of the Gwich'in Athabaskans of Fort Yukon, Alaska.

Cedar Weaving – Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre Video 2:59

Women from the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre give a demonstration of weaving cedar for rope, mats, clothing, and baskets and discuss types of cedar and how and when cedar is harvested (Coast Region).

Pit House (Istken) – Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre Video 0:52 min

A discussion of pit house construction and use at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (Coast Region).

Connecting with the Creator’s Creatures Video 1:17 min

Wildlife of the Salish Sea.

Summer Home Materials Video 2:24 min

A Secwepemc Elder discusses the materials and process of making a summer home (Southern Interior).

Tanning a Hide

(Secwepemc First Nation) Video 3:26 min

Elder demonstrates the process of tanning a deer hide including scraping, ringing, shaping, stretching, smoking, soaking and smoking (Southern Interior).

Making Moccasins

(Secwepemc First Nation) Video 3:08 min

Elder demonstrates pattern making, cutting the leather, beading the pattern, and sewing the moccasin together (Southern Interior).

Through the Eyes of Elders, The Adams River Salmon Run Video 2 min

Secwepemc Elder talks about his connection to nature and how the salmon play a big part in his culture home (Southern Interior).

Smoking Salmon

(Neskonlith First Nation) video 7:19 min

Elder demonstrates the process of preserving salmon including cutting, hanging on branches, and stretching on sticks (Southern Interior).

Native Perspectives of Sustainability, Importance of Salmon Video 2:51 min

Carol Craig (Yakama) speaks about the importance of Salmon to her people and about efforts to restore Salmon to the Yakima River in Washington State.

Welcome to Gitannmaax in Gitxsan Territory Video 12:26 min

Landscape, culture and history of the Gitannmaax (Northern Interior).

Collecting Western Red Cedar Bark Video 7:17 min

Group of students collecting cedar bark using traditional tools.

Indigenous Tourism BC

Designed mostly to promote tourism, this Facebook site highlights different Indigenous cultures in the province of BC.