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Lesson 3 Resources
How Do Seasonal Changes Affect Animals and Their Habitats?

Student Resources

Sierra Club BC, Ecomap

Check out the plants and animals of BC with this interactive map.


Canadian Geographic, Animal Facts

Explore animals and their habitats at this website.


The Open Door Web Site, Seasonal Changes in Animal Populations

How do some animals adapt to the changing seasons? Read about hibernation and migration at this



Slideshare, Weather and Seasonal Changes

This slideshow talks about the adaptation of plants and animals when seasons change. Read about

hibernation, migration, dormancy and camouflage.


Discovery, Habitats: Planet Earth Animal Guide

Choose a habitat and then find out information about animals from around the world that live in those



National Geographic Kids, Animals and Pets

Check out animals and their habitats around the world.


Utah Education Network, Animal Habitats

Find information about animal habitats on this website.


Utah Education Network, Home / Habitat

Find information about what a habitat is on this website.


Utah Education Network, Animal Homes

Find information about a variety of animals and their habitat at this website.


Australian Museum, Wild Kids - Habitats

Interested in Australia? This website explores seven different animal and plant habitats in Australia:

Coasts, Freshwater, Antarctica, Forests, Woodlands, Arid Zone and Urban.


Habitat Instructional Video (Video 9:20 min)

This video discusses the elements that animals require in a habitat.


Grade 3, Theme 4, Animal Habitats (Video 3:25 min)

This video talks about the different geographic habitats (desert, forests, etc.).


BBC, Nature Wildlife, Habitats

This website explores a variety of nature habitats found all over the world including mountains,

grasslands, deserts, and forests. Animals and plants found in these habitats are also discussed.


Habitats for Kids, Free Games and Activities

Play the games and activities about habitats at this website.


Get to Know, Hike: Stanley Park (virtual hike)

Explore the plants and animals of Stanley Park in Vancouver with this interactive game.


PBS Kids, Explore the North American Forest

Discover the forest habitat with this interactive game

Teacher Resources

Open School BC, Question Cue: Animals and their Habitats

Scholastic Education, Healthy Habitats

The 48-page student text and 108-page teacher's guide investigate topics prescribed in the Grade 4

learning outcomes for Habitats and Communities. Processes of sciences, predicting, and interpreting,

are addressed in hands-on activities. Aboriginal content is embedded in the teacher's guide.


Google Books, Hands-On Science: Daily and Seasonal Changes

See page 55 for animals habitat model.


Go Beyond Ktunaza Nation, Qat’muk: Where the Grizzly Bears go to Dance (Video 7:46 min)

Ktunaxa people and community members speak out about the development of Jumbo Glacier in East


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