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About this Unit

This unit illustrates the integration of Social Studies and Science. The topic of the resource if

the seasonal rounds in the four geographic regions of BC, through the perspective of Aboriginal groups

(past and present) who live in these regions. The seasonal round was chosen as a theme for this unit

because it lends itself well to integrating the topics of BC First Nations study in Social Studies, and

habitat in Science. A seasonal round:


also known as the annual round ... refers to the pattern of movement from one resource

gathering area to another in a cycle that was followed each year. Spring, summer and fall

saw the people moving to a variety of resource areas while during the harsher winter they

gathered in winter villages. The abundance of resources also determine how often people

moved. In areas that had a greater abundance of variety, people could stay in one location

for longer than in areas where resources were scarcer.

Campbell, Kenneth, Charles Menzies, and Brent Peacock.

B.C. First Nations Studies. BC Ministry of Education,2003, page 25

Unit Components

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