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Lesson 2 Resources
How Do Seasonal Changes Affect Plants and Their Habitats?

Student Resources

NFB, Indigenous Plant Diva (Video 9:13 min)

Cease Wyss "Indigenous Plant Diva", is an urban Aboriginal single mother, video artist and community leader. She shares her traditional knowledge of plants that can be found throughout the streets and everyday spaces of Vancouver, reminding us that the medicines are all around us in our urbanized environments.

Open School BC, Teachings of Respect, Nancy Turner, UVIc Ethnobotanist (Video 5.24 min)

Dr. Turner talks about the seasonal round; people’s connection to land, plants, and nature; sustainability; and respect for all life forms.

Digital Inspiration, Time-Lapse Video — See One Year in One Minute (Video 1 min)

Timelapse video clips from Oslo, Norway that shows the changing seasons.

E-Flora of BC, Electronic Atlas of the Flora of BC

Electronic plant guide for BC. Students may need assistance navigating this website.