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Lesson 1 Resources
What is a Seasonal Round?

Student Resources

Resource Gathering, Seasonal Round Stsillen

This webpage discusses the seasonal round of the Secwepemc First Nation (Southern Interior).


Summer Home Materials (Video 2:24 min)

A Secwepemc Elder discusses the materials and process of making a summer home (Southern Interior).


Through the Eyes of Elders, The Adams River Salmon Run (Video 2 min)

Secwepemc Elder talks about his connection to nature and how the salmon play a big part in his culture

home (Southern Interior).


Cedar Weaving – Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (Video 2:59)

Women from the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre give a demonstration of weaving cedar for rope,

mats, clothing, and baskets and discuss types of cedar and how and when cedar is harvested

(Coast Region).


Pit House (Istken) – Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (Video 0:52 min)

A discussion of pit house construction and use at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (Coast Region).


Ignite Learning, What causes Earth’s Seasons? (Video 2:18 min)

This video explores why the earth has seasons— the tilt of earth’s axis, the angle of sun’s energy hitting

the earth, and the earth revolving around the sun.

Teacher Resources

BC Ministry of Education, Aboriginal Contact – Basic Information

List of Aboriginal Contacts for BC school districts.


KidsGardening, Making Field Journals

This site provides instructions and a materials list.


Resource Gathering, Seasonal Round Stsillen

This webpage discusses the seasonal round of the Secwepemc First Nation (Southern Interior).


Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Unit 2 – The Seasons

Lesson plan about First Nations and seasonal changes.


TrailTribes, Camp Life and Seasonal Round

This website tells the story of the seasonal round of the Blackfeet First Nations (primarily Alberta and

Montana) discussing seasonal activities and the plants and animals harvested for food.


Alaska Native Knowledge Network, The Four Corners of Life: A Traditional Seasonal Round

This website tells of the Four Corners of Life — the seasonal round of the Minto First Nation. There is

very good information on events and activities during the seasons, and also written oral histories about

the seasonal round.


Cultural Survival, Wild Food in its Season: the Seasonal Round of Harvest Activities

in Fort Yukon

Details on the seasonal round of the Gwich'in Athabaskans of Fort Yukon, Alaska.

About.com Guide, Archaeology, Seasonality

Definition of seasonality and how it its tracked by Archaeologists.

Go Beyond: Royal BC Museum, School Visits Program

Have your class visit the First People’s Gallery at the Royal BC Museum. Exhibits include dioramas and

exhibits of housing, fishing, hunting, tools, masks, ceremonies, etc. Virtual tour of the First People’s

Gallery will be available in 2013.


Provincial Capital Commission, Capital For Kids Travel Funding

If you are a BC school travelling to Victoria on an educational fieldtrip to the Royal BC Museum, you may

be eligible for travel funding.

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