My Seasonal Round: An Integrated Unit for Elementary Social Studies and Science (PDF)

This cross-curricular unit presents a teacher-led, inquiry-based approach to exploring the seasonal round in the four geographic regions of BC, through the perspective of the Indigenous groups in these regions. Themes include: habitat, natural resources, stability and change, and living and non-living components of habitats.

My Seasonal Round Blackline Masters (PDF)

Worksheets, journal entry templates, and tools for teachers to copy for their students’ use.

My Seasonal Round Rubric (Word Doc)

Four assessment rubrics are provided in the unit document; however, Microsoft Word versions are provided here for teachers to modify if they wish to do so.

Tools for Generating Questions (PDF)

This document details four strategies to help students generate, sort and refine questions. The tools are not specific to the unit and may be used for other grades and subjects. The document includes explanations, examples and blackline masters of the tools.

Colour Tools for Projection (PDF)

A colour version of tools for teachers to project.

Question Cue

Interactive vocabulary card game to use with students to help them generate questions.

Question Cue: Plants and Their Habitats
Question Cue: Animals and Their Habitats
Question Cue: Geographic Regions of BC
Question Cue: First Nations and the Seasonal Round

Lesson Resources

Lesson specific resources for both teachers and students can be found under each lesson number above.