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Lesson 7: Religion

Ra, the sun godThe Ancient Egyptians believed in many gods and goddesses (deities). Each one was thought to have responsibility for a different part of peoples' lives.

The most important god was Ra, the sun god. The Egyptians saw Ra as the source of life, goodness, and righteousness. He was the lord over all the gods and was the special protector of kings. Ra had his dark side, though, too. In paintings, he is usually shown with a poisonous snake called an asp. The asp symbolized Ra's power to destroy.

The Egyptians feared that neglecting any of the deities would lead to suffering or loss, either in this world or the next. Egyptians thus paid great respect to their deities, sung hymns in their honour, and sought to please them with rich gifts and sacrifices. They also built beautiful temples for them, such as the ones at Karnak and Luxor.

In the next lesson you will visit Abu Simbel, another important temple in southern Egypt.

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