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Lesson 6: Clothes and Fashion

Graphic: Fashion in Ancient EgyptThe Ancient Egyptians were very fashion-conscious people. How they dressed, wore their hair, and decorated their bodies was very important to them. It also showed how wealthy they were and what their position was in society.


Most clothing in Ancient Egypt was made out of white linen, as it kept the wearer cool. Noblemen wore a wraparound linen skirt called a kilt and a top of fine pleated robes. Upper class women wore fine dresses with shoulder straps and a shawl. The lower classes wore much simpler garments made of less expensive cloth. Young children and slaves rarely wore any clothes. In cold weather, most people wore clothes made from wool. People sometimes wore sandals but usually they went barefoot.


Hairstyles changed a lot in Ancient Egypt. Generally though, men wore their hair short, while women wore theirs long with braids or curls. Children were bald except for a sidelock, a long strand of hair, on one side of the head.


All Egyptians used cosmetics. They coloured their lips and cheeks with a red clay called ochre. They painted their fingernails yellow or orange using henna, a plant dye. Men, women, and children also outlined their eyes and colored their eyebrows with a black powder called kohl. The Ancient Egyptians thought that eye makeup was attractive and pleasing to the gods. It also protected their eyes from the sun's glare and from insects.


Both sexes also wore jewellery, including pectorals (necklaces), rings, amulets (good luck charms), and bracelets.

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