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Ancient Egypt Getting Started Guide

What is this module about?

This module deals with the civilization of Ancient Egypt. You will visit many fascinating places, like the Great Pyramids and an Egyptian mummy factory. Along the way you will learn about the culture, religion, geography, and history of Ancient Egypt.

What resources do I need for this module?

This module is delivered entirely online; everything you need to read is provided in the lessons or in the supplementary websites.

Some lesson activities require special materials (e.g., paint, posterboard, masking tape, etc.). Please check the lesson activities in advance to see what you will need.

What types of activities will I complete in this module?

There are two types of activities that you will complete:

1. Check Your Knowledge Questions are comprehension questions that you complete online. These are computer-marked, so they do not need to be submitted to your instructor. Answer these questions carefully, as it is your best chance to see whether you understand the content before you begin the Send-In Activities.

2. The Send In Activities are to be submitted to your instructor for marking. In many lessons you have two or more send in activities to choose from.

Each lesson has a set of websites specific to the content of that lesson. Check each of these websites carefully, as it will be very difficult to complete your send in activities if you don't.

In each lesson will find another link called Technology Tips. There you will find information on Hyperstudio, Microsoft PowerPoint, AppleWorks, MP Express, and other software programs. If you have access to any of these programs you can use them to complete some of your activities, but get permission from your instructor first.

How will I be marked in this module?

Each Send In Activity comes with a scoring guide and a detailed list of things you need to do to complete the activity (criteria). Your instructor will mark your work based on how well you fulfill these criteria.

How do I submit my work and what do I submit?

Before you begin this module, discuss with your instructor how you are to submit your work.

Most assignments can be submitted electronically (by e-mail) provided you arrange this with your instructor beforehand. Your instructor will also tell you whether you should email the activities in one batch, at the end of the section, or whether you can email each activity separately, as soon as you complete it.

Other assignments may need to be submitted by regular mail.

Does this module follow the prescribed curriculum for Social Studies in British Columbia?

The entire course does!

Check out the link below. Here you will find a chart that shows which aspects of the prescribed British Columbia Grade 7 Social Studies curriculum are covered in each module. This module (Ancient Egypt) is highlighted.

Connections to the BC Curriculum