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Module 1: Safety

Let's Look at Chemistry: Safety

Visit the sites listed below. (Just click on the links below so you won’t have to key in the URLs.)

The Science Safety Resource Manual
This PDF document is from the British Columbia Ministry of Education. This manual provides a comprehensive look at the issues surrounding science safety, including the roles and responsibilities of school districts, schools, science teachers, and students.

WHMIS Safety Quiz
The Bell's wwWorld!!! site was created by a Grade 9 Science teacher in Ontario. Check it out for useful information on matter, and even a WHMIS safety quiz.

Science and Safety
The Texas Safety Standards for K–12 gives more details for the K–7 teacher. You will find a lot of information on science safety for elementary teachers on this site.

Guidelines on Safety and Science
This teacher-designed website includes comprehensive safety guidelines (complete with entertaining illustrations), a glossary, and a sample contract to ensure that students and parents are aware of safety regulations. Remember: material published on the Internet is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission.

A short video on safety issues
Produced as a student project by the teacher/writer’s two ex-high school students, Dave James and Dave Bennet from Surrey BC (SD 36). High School Project 2000.

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