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This "Ecology" page has links to sites with information about biomes and
the environment. The sites, which are listed in alphabetical order, have
been selected to help you with certain projects in the Ecology

Animals of B.C.
This site has information and photographs about many British Columbia animals and their habitats.

Biomes of the World: What's it Like Where You Live?
This is an excellent site with information on six different biomes: Rainforest, Tundra, Taiga, Desert, Temperate, and Grasslands. For each biome, you can find out: where it is located, what the climate is like, the plants and animals that live there, and other interesting information. Brightly coloured maps and illustrations accompany the text.

Biome Summary
Look here for a chart comparing six different biomes. Sample climographs are also given. The site is operated by "The Classroom of the Future" (COTF).

Habitants and Biomes
Look here for information on the world's biomes. This site includes maps, photographs and descriptions of biomes such as grasslands, tundra, rainforests and so on. It also has lists of animals that live in each biome. Operated by the Virtual Zoo.

Kid's Page, National Wildlife Federation
This NWF site is designed for kids who are interested in the environment.

Ocean Link Food Web
Visit this interesting site to explore the relationships among plants and animals in an ocean food web.

Temperature, Rainfall, and Biome Distribution Lab
Look here for information on climatograms. Scroll part way down the page until you see sample climatograms for six different biomes.

Tour of Biomes
This COTF site has climographs and information on six different biomes. The biomes include: tropical rainforest, deciduous forest, tundra and so
on. There is also a world map, and photographs and descriptions of each biome.

WWF Kid's Treehouse
This World Wildlife Fund site is designed for kids who are interested in endangered species and the environment.

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