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This "Earth's Crust Page" has links to sites about earthquakes and volcanoes. The sites have been selected to help you with certain projects in the Earth's Crust Module. (Just click on the links below so you won’t have to key in the URLs.)

Earth's Crust
Look here for worldwide locations of currently erupting volcanoes. The information is provided by Michigan Technological University

Earthquakes Theme Page
A wide variety of sites with information on earthquakes, compiled by CLN.

Geological Survey of Canada
This Canadian site provides information on recent and historic earthquakes in Western Canada and the world. It also has maps and lists of the 50 most recent events, as well as information on topics such as seismographs and earthquake preparedness.

Kids' Door
This Volcano World site has interesting ideas for making volcano models. To find them, click on "Volcanic School Project Ideas." This site also has contests, games and virtual field trips.

Pacific Geoscience Centre
This site features the Pacific Division of the Geological Survey of Canada, located in Sidney, BC. It has information on earthquake seismology.

Provincial Emergency Program, Natural Hazard Preparedness
This British Columbia site has indepth information on natural hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and so on) and how to prepare for them. It includes an emergency preparedness checklist and information on what to include in a do-it-yourself emergency preparedness kit. In addition, there is an on-line brochure called "Prepare Now" for an Earthquake in British Columbia."

United States Geological Survey
This American site features maps and lists of recent earthquakes. It also has information on hazards and earthquake preparedness, as well as a list of frequently asked questions.

Volcano World
Look here for a wealth of interesting information and activities on volcanoes. The site includes locations of currently erupting volcanoes, photographs and videos of volcanoes, as well as movies and snapshots of Mount St. Helen. You can also ask questions of a volcanologist (volcano expert), read interviews with volcanologists, find out about the "Volcano of the Week" and see photographs of model volcanoes.

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