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Let's Look at Chemistry

Visit the sites listed below. (Just click on the links below so you won’t have to key in the URLs.)

General Background Information on Science

Common Framework of Science Learning Outcomes
Common Framework of Science Learning Outcomes, compiled by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada.

The Scientific Method
This Wikipedia article on the Scientific Method includes links to definitions of all aspects of the scientific process, including hypothesis and theory.

Scientific Method and Experiment Design
An experiment in baking. This site uses baking to describe scientific method and experiment design

Chemistry Definitions Websites (varies)
The Chem4Kids site provides a lot of easy-to-understand definitions for chemistry terms. To get started, read the home page, then click on Next Stop on the Site Tour at the bottom of the page. Much of what you’ll find on this site is more advanced than you’ll need for Chemistry 7, but you’ll also find a lot of relevant information.
A game that teaches chemistry vocabulary.
A chemistry matching game.
Online flashcards that teach chemistry terms.
Another chemistry matching game.

Concept Maps
This site explains and demonstrates concept maps. It also provides links to other sites, information about concept map software, and a reference list.

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