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Publishing and Sharing Your Work
Sharing your writing is the final stage of the writing process — whether you share what you've written with friends, read it in public, submit your work to a magazine or book publisher for consideration, or you publish your work yourself in print or online.

While you're dabbling in a genre in Writing 12, you might want to share your work with others for feedback. But you're probably not ready to consider more formal sharing — such as submitting your work to a magazine. When you "Go Deeper" in a genre, you'll find instruction there for sending out your writing to places that publish work in that genre. In fact, it will be part of your final assignments. That's where you'll find the nitty-gritty of following guidelines, writing cover letters, and what to expect from the process.

  1. Readings and Performing
  2. Publishing: Submitting Your Work
  3. Self-publishing
  4. Entering Contests

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   Activity: Choosing Your "Go Deeper" Genres