Activity: Choosing Your "Go Deeper" Genres

In this assignment, you'll reflect a little on your writing process thus far and what you want to learn from here on in Writing 12.

Think about your work in the four genres so far. If you've done more than one or two, do you feel that one stands out for you over the others? Take a look at the feedback you've received from your peers on work that you've shared with them. Does it look like you have strengths in a particular genre?

Blending Genres Module:
If you are interested in an added challenge in blending the genres of poetry with fiction or creative nonfiction, or poetry with stage and film writing, then we recommend doing a "Go Deeper" section in one of the genres you'll be blending. Blending Genres Module then makes a good option for a second "Go Deeper" section and Final Assignment.

Write a 300 word reflection on your writing in the "Dabble" sections.

  • Share a bit about your experience working in different genres. Which ones did you most enjoy? Which ones were difficult?
  • Choose two genres of preference. Then, ask yourself How do I feel about these chosen genres? Do I feel like I have a "primary" one and a secondary one? Or do you feel equally motivated in both genres?
  • Identify your favourite of your writing activities from your "Dabble" work. Why is this your favourite?
  • Is there anything about the process you used to write your "Dabble Submissions" that makes you want to write more in this genre?
  • If you are completing "Blending Genres Module," which genres are you most interseted in blending? Poetry with fiction or creative nonfiction? Or poetry with stage and film writing?

Asking these questions and taking the time to reflect on your work so far will help you make choices about where to "go deeper," and which genres will be your priority. You may find you have strengths you want to build on, or weaknesses that you hope working further in the genre will help develop.


Self-assess your activity with this Rubric.

When you have completed this activity and feel clear on which "Go Deeper" section will best help you develop your skills, go ahead and begin it.