Poetry Resources

The following list includes some of the books and articles mentioned or recommended in the Poetry Module:

The Poetry Home Repair Manual

The Art of Finding
A poets.org essay by Linda Gregg.

"Fooling With Words" with Bill Moyers
PBS Series

Fooling with Words by Jane Hirshfield

Olds' worlds
Interivew by Marianne MacDonald in The Guardian, July, 2008

Listening to Poetry

Poets in Performance

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Free Air
Buddy Wakefield's TED Talk

Publishing Poetry

Article about Teens Publishing Poetry Online

Lists of poetry publishing venues in Canada:

The Poet's Market
The Writers' Market specifically for poetry venues. Your library will likely have an up-to-date copy.

Canadian Literature Quarterly
Keeps a list of publication venues in Canada.

Places for Writers
A Canadian-slanted listing of venues and contests.

Venues for publishing your poems online
There are websites where anyone can post their work, free of charge, and anyone can read and comment on the work they see there. It can be a great way to get feedback, as long as you are prepared for the "anyone can comment" part of the wacky internet world!


Movellas: A platform for sharing stories, if you look under Stories > Genre > there is a section for Poetry.

Places to Attend a Reading

If you're in a bigger city, chances are that there is more than one opportunity for this every month of the year.

In and around Vancouver:

New Shoots

Vancouver Poetry House
A fantastic website full of interesting links and happenings in the Lower Mainland.

Pandora's Collective

Poetic Justice

Burnaby Writers' Society

Literary Events Vancouver

And a bunch of listings in one place.

In Victoria:


Victoria Poetry Project

Serious coffee Pen in Hand series

In Nanaimo:


In the Okanagan:

Inspired Word Cafe

If you're in a town where there is no opportunity for poetry reading, why not begin your own? See if you can find like-minded people to help you get one started. Approach a café owner, perhaps a place in which there is already a music night, or some other kind of performance, and ask about the chance to do something new.

Poetry newsletters and bulletins

Griffin Poetry Prize
Provided by the Griffin Trust, a list of publishers' newsletters and bulletins. These are great places to learn more about the world of poetry.