Activity: Choosing Your "Go Deeper" Genres

Now that you've dabbled in four different Creative Writing genres, you're ready to pick the two in which you want to delve a little deeper. In this assignment, you'll submit sample writing from two genres of choice, and reflect a little on your writing process thus far and what you want to learn from here on in Writing 12.

Part One: Writing Samples

  • Think about your work in the four genres so far. Do you feel two stand out for you over the others? Take a look at the feedback you've received on your "Dabble Submissions." Does it look like you have strengths in a particular genre?

  • From each genre of choice, select one piece that you wrote in the "Dabble" section that you like, that represents your strengths. Then, revise these two pieces to the best of your ability. You may choose to get further feedback, passing your writing to a trusted friend to read, or just work with the feedback you have from your instructor.

    Blending Genres Module:
    If you are interested in an added challenge in blending the genres of poetry with fiction or creative nonfiction, or poetry with stage and film writing, ask your instructor about choosing the Blending Genres Module. Blending Genres may be an option for your second "Go Deeper" section and Final Assignment.

Part Two: Reflections

  • Write a 300 word reflection on your writing in the "Dabble" sections.
    • Share a bit about your experience working in the four different genres. Which ones did you most enjoy? Which ones were difficult?
    • Declare which two genres you will be working in for your "Go Deeper" section work, or whether you will be completing the Blending Genres Module. If you are completing Blending Genres, which genres are you most interseted in blending? Poetry with fiction or creative nonfiction? Or poetry with stage and film writing?
    • Identify your favourite of the two samples. Why is this your favourite? Is there anything about the process you used to write this piece that makes you want to write more in this genre?
    • How do you feel about your two chosen genres? Do you feel like you have a "primary" one and a secondary one? Or do you feel equally motivated in both genres?

When you're ready, compile your two writing samples (both your first draft and your revised, polished versions), and your reflections in a single document. Then save and attach this document to this assignment using the "Attach File" feature.


Your submission will be marked using this Rubric.

This assignment is worth 10% of your grade for Writing 12.