Grade 6 Science / Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies Module: Extreme Environments

Extreme Environments

Grade 6 Science and Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies

This Grade 6 Science and Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) module is cross-curricular, and focused on extreme environments. The purpose of this lesson is for students to understand what conditions are needed for human life to survive, and to research extreme environments that are missing one or more of these conditions.

For the Science component of this module, students will learn about extreme environments on Earth, including deserts, polar regions, volcanoes and oceans, as well as discover the extreme environment of space. Through a guided inquiry approach, students discover what it is that makes each of these places an extreme environment, and research technologies used in extreme environments (i.e., clothing, equipment, and machines), including technological contributions made by Canada.

In the ADST section of the module, students individually, in pairs, or small groups design and build a form of technology (mode of transportation, equipment, clothing, machine, device, etc.) that scientists could use to explore the extreme environment they researched.

The Teacher section includes the module, a photo slideshow, blackline masters, and rubrics.

The Student section of this web page includes media and web resources for student research.


Part One: Science 6_Learning Plan 1

Staying Alive Matching Exercise

Part Two: ADST 6_Learning Plan 3

Prototype Recording Sheet

Part Two: ADST 6_Learning Plan 3

Student Self-Assessment Rubrics

  • Concept Generation and Designing
  • Testing and Manufacturing
  • Sharing

Teacher Evaluation Rubric