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Key Features

The learning management system (LMS) LearnSpace uses is Moodle Workplace. Designed for businesses and organisations, it comes with many powerful tools for managing online learning. Here are a few.

A Tenant is like your own private apartment in the Moodle Workplace building. Here's what you can do with it:

  • Create a space for only your learners with your décor (branding, courses, and user management).
  • Keep things private and secure.
  • Use your own student login system or use Moodle’s built-in one.

Organisation Structure is the arrangement of your departments, positions, and job assignments. It helps you:

  • Model the hierarchy of your organisation.
  • Allocate courses and manage resources and learning paths.
  • Set up reporting relationships and permissions.

Programs are a set of courses and activities with a specific goal. Using Programs lets you:

  • Group courses together, so learners can find related content easily.
  • Set a specific order for courses to be completed in.
  • Make some courses a requirement for others.
  • Track learner progress and help them reach their goals.
  • Have learners enroll in courses and Programs on their own.

Certifications work with Programs to ensure learners meet specific requirements. They help you:

  • Keep track and verify that learners are up to date with necessary standards.
  • Prompt learners to renew their certifications.
  • Let learners see their certifications and enroll in certification courses.

Certificates are like medals for completing activities, courses, programs, or certifications. They:

  • Can be designed with your organisation's custom look.
  • Are easy to access and download by learners from their profile.

Appointment Booking is a system to set up meetings or activities between trainers and learners.

Create your own reports to get insights on things like learner progress and course effectiveness. This helps you:

  • Send reports automatically to who you’d like to receive them.
  • Measure progress and make informed decisions.

You can set rules to automate tasks like enrollment or messaging.

Setting Things Up

Tenant Admin responsibilities include setting up the key features listed here as well as managing user roles, access, and course content. Moodle has created a series of how-to videos on these features:

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