Continuing our Learning Journey: Indigenous Education in BC

A professional learning experience for educators on how to include authentic Indigenous knowledge, perspectives, and content in BC’s curriculum.

For educators, school and district teams this resource is designed to have the greatest impact if done with a group of participants to share and explore together:

  • How can Indigenous knowledge and perspectives enhance learning for all?
  • How can we use the First Peoples Principles of Learning as a framework for our practice — to create an equitable education system for all learners and ensure the system is responsive to Indigenous learners?
  • What do our classrooms/schools/districts look and sound like when they are grounded in the First Peoples Principles of Learning?
  • What resources help respectfully integrate Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into classrooms and schools?
  • What continued learning do we each need to engage in?

Presentation Options

The series can be delivered as a full-day professional learning opportunity. It is also possible to offer it over several sessions (e.g. approximately 4 hour-long segments or 8 half-hour segments). We recommend following the order as each module builds upon the next.

For more details on delivering the workshop, please see the Facilitator’s Guide.

Workshop Facilitation

This learning series works well as a facilitated full-day professional learning opportunity for educators. For details please download the guide.

Facilitator’s Guide

About this Resource

The concept for this originated from thoughtful conversations with BC educators about how to bring Indigenous knowledge, content and perspectives into classrooms and schools. Early in the conversations, secondees with the Ministry of Education were fortunate to connect with Jo-Anne (Jo) Chrona, Curriculum Manager with First Nations Education Steering Committee and Denise Augustine, Director of Indigenous Education, School District 79. It was decided to develop a full-day professional learning opportunity that combines video presentations and activities. Jo Chrona, the central presenter in the videos, generously shared her work that she has been facilitating across BC as the foundation for this project. The authors of this resource are grateful to the contributors for supporting this project as we work to support educators in the field.

With gratitude to the development team:

  • Denise Augustine
  • Heather Brown
  • Jo-Anne (Jo) Chrona
  • Tammy Renyard

Special thanks for the welcome and traditional song provided by Kaleb Child, Musgamdzi Kwakiutl First Nation Kwakiutl Celebration Song Kwiayalas sa lwanukw’dzi Hitlugwila song – composed by Chief Waxawidi, William Wasden Jr.

Also, with gratitude to the following contributors:

  • First Nations Education Steering Committee
  • Langley School District No 35
  • Métis Nation British Columbia
  • Ministry of Education, Learning Division and Education Programs Division
  • Network of Inquiry and Indigenous Education
  • Open School BC
  • The Greater Victoria School District No 61