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Module 3: Media Arts Preproduction

Module 3: Media Arts Preproduction

Web Style Guide
Studio 1151 Guidebook

Lesson 3.1A: Ideas and Brainstorming
Making Decisions - Brainstorming

Key word search: how to brainstorm

Lesson 3.1B: Concept mapping
Mind Maps
Concept Maps

Key word search: concept mapping

Lesson 3.1C: Audience and Purpose
Creating User Profiles
Writing for an Audience

Key word search: audience profile, user profile

Lesson 3.1 D: Objectives
Developing a Site Specification
Using Project Objectives

Key word search: website objectives, website goals

Lesson 3.2A: Content and Organization Inventories
Doing a Content Inventory
The Content Inventory: Roadmap to Successful CMS Implementation

Key word search: content inventory

Lesson 3.2B: Outlines and Timelines
Gantt Chart- Web-Based Diagnostic Toll
Studio 1151: Production Schedule

Key word search: Gantt chart

Section Assignment 3.2
Doing a Content Inventory
Gantt Chart - Web-Based Diagnostic Tool

Lesson 3.3A: Design Elements
Creative Web Links
Graphic Design
Digital Web Design
Principles of Design
Web Style Guide

Key word search: principles and elements of design, typography

Lesson 3.3B: User Interface Design
User Interface Directory
Apple Human Interface Guidelines
Web Style Guide
Jakob Nielsen's Web Site

Guided Practice 3.3B1: Analyzing Interfaces
I.D. Magazine

Key word search: user interface design

Lesson 3.3C: Interactive Design
11 Principles of Interaction Design
Principles of User Interface Design

Key word search: interactive design principles

Lesson 3.3D: Flowcharts and Storyboards
Charting Multimedia
Flow Charts Studio 1151
Storyboards from Shrek

Key word search: flowchart, storyboard


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