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Module 4: Media Arts Production

Module 4: Media Arts Production

Lesson 4.1A: Platforms, Production and Playback
Adobe Systems
Windows vs. Mac

Guided Practice 4.1A1: Considering Platforms, Production and Playback
Adobe Systems
Windows vs. Mac

Key word search: dual platform issues

Lesson 4.1B: Screen Size, Resolutions and Palettes
Web graphics
Bitmap versus Vector Graphics
Digital Imaging Tutorial
Colour Matters
Web Style Guide

Key word search: vector graphics, bitmap graphics, graphic format

Lesson 4.2A: Hardware and Software
A Few Scanning Tips
Image Scanner
Digital Camera
Adobe System Products

Key word search: look at brand names, or specific equipment names

Lesson 4.2B: Text
Avoiding Seven Deadly Multimedia Design and Presentation Sins
Organizing Information

Key word search: typography

Lesson 4.2C: Sound
Streaming Audio Primer

Key word search: edit digital sound

Lesson 4.2D Topic One: Images
Vector Graphics
2D Computer Animation Tutorials: Step-by Step Lessons in Flash
Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to Computer Animation

Key word search: animation tutorials

Lesson 4.3A Topic One: Production Roles
Work Futures

Key word search: new media jobs

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