Social Studies 9
Open School BC
Module 1: Geography and Environment

Module 1: Geography and Environment

Section 1.1: Lesson A

Brainy History

Google Search Engine


Section 1.1: Lesson B

Scrapbook–Family Tree Questions [dead link]
[Alternate Replacement:]


Section 1.2: Lesson A

Elizabethan England


Section 1.2: Lesson B

The History Guide – Medieval Society: Three Orders


Section 1.3: Lesson B

Environment Canada Weather Office


Section 1.4: Lesson B

Kids’ Stop - Languages (Mohawk) - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada - VMNF - The First Nations of the New-France era


Section 1.5: Lesson A

Overview of whole research process

Essential Questions

The Question is the Answer

Clustering model

KWHL Process


Section 1.5: Lesson B

Critical Thinking Summary

Cornell Notes Examples

Cornell Notes

Bibliography info

MLA Style

Evaluating Web Pages

Knowing What’s What and What’s Not

The Citation Machine

Writer’s Style Guide


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