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Module 2: Exploration and Settlement in North America

Module 2: Exploration and Settlement in North America

Section 2.1: Lesson A

Retreat of Glaciers in the Midwestern US

Land Bridge to the New World

Ice-Age Migration Routes

The Bering Land Bridge Theory


Section 2.1: Lesson B

Naming of Canada


Section 2.1: Lesson C

Spanish claim to land

Britain in the New World

Exploring land, settling frontiers

Columbus Day


Section 2.1: Lesson D

Virtual Jamestown

Panorama inside Jamestown Fort

Assignments for Jamestown Fort

The Jamestown Online Adventure (Flash interactive game)


Section 2.2: Lesson A

Champlain in Acadia

Virtual Museum: Champlain


Section 2.2: Lesson B

Historica Minutes

Canadian Encyclopedia: Frontenac, Louis de Buade, Comte de

Jean Talon

Canadian Encyclopedia—Talon


Father François

Father Brebeuf

Canadian Encyclopedia—Seigneurial System


Civilization—Land Division

Civilization—Seigneurs Duties

Seigneurs System


Civilization—Pierre Boucher

Filles du roi

Filles du roi (The King’s Daughters)

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Canadian Museum of Civilization—Voyageurs

Canadian Encyclopedia—Coureurs de bois


Section 2.3: Lesson A

History of Newfoundland fisheries

Europeans in Newfoundland
John Cabot Life and accomplishments of John Cabot. Produced by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Heritage of John Cabot

The Cod Rush: The European Fishermen, 1497–1763

European Migratory Fishery


Section 2.3: Lesson B

Hudson’s Bay Company

Fur trade ceremony
[Alternative link]

Fur trade items

Trade values of different items
then click on link “Standard of Trade from Fort Albany, 1733.”

Pierre Radisson

HBC charter


Section 2.3: Lesson C

Voyageur’s songs


A Day in the Life of a Voyageur
[corresponding activity]

Voyageur’s canoes

Old Fort William Tour

Fort William Virtual Tour

Google Image Search

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