Social Studies 11 Open School BC
Module 1: Politics and Government

Module 1: Politics and Government

Section 1.1 A New Century Dawns - 1901-1910

Lesson 1.1A: A New Era - The World in 1901

Gender Issues: Country Gender Profiles

United Nations: Women at a Glance

CLN Celebrating Women Theme Page

Industrial Revolution: A Trip to the Past

The Industrial Revolution


Lesson 1.1B: The Modern World - Cultural and Political Change

Pablo Picasso and Cubism

Art History Network

First Nations' Art in British Columbia

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Nellie McClung and the Suffrage Movement


Lesson 1.1C: Picture Gallery - Life at the Turn of the Century

British Columbia's Resource Development

British Columbia's Economy and Technology


Lesson 1.1D: The Global Economy - An Interconnected World

International Trade

World Fact Book

World Bank International Trade

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development


Lesson 1.1E:Spans the World - The Canadian Pacific Railway

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine Links

History of Technology Resources

Canadian Pacific Railway History

Canadian Pacific Railways


Lesson 1.1F: Becoming A Minority - Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

Aboriginal Rights Coalition

Nisga'a Nation

First Nations in British Columbia

CLN First Nations History Theme Page

CLN First Nations Treaties Theme Page


Lesson 1.1G: Colonial Ties - Canada and Britain

Historical Facts on Canada

Britain and Canada ­ 500 Years

Council of Canadians

Alaska Internet Travel Guide: History

Alaska Department of Fish and Game


Lesson 1.1H: Two New Provinces - Alberta and Saskatchewan

Welcome to Nunavut

Teaching and Learning About Nunavut

CBC Nunavut: Canada's New Territory

Nunatsiaq News


Lesson 1.1I: Immigration - Melting Pot or Mosaic?

Multiculturalism in Canada

Immigrants to Canada in the Nineteenth Century

CLN Canadian Immigration Theme Page


Lesson 1.1J: Opposing Immigration - The Vancouver Riot

The Vancouver Riot

Multiculturalism in Canada

Chinese Immigration to Canada


Lesson 1.1K: Canadian Youth - Life in the Early Twentieth Century

Voices of Youth

Children and Work


Lesson 1.1L: Prohibition - Social Reform and the WCTU

Prevention Source B.C.

Health Canada Alcohol and other Drugs

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Women's Christian Temperance Union

CLN Substance Abuse Theme Page


Lesson 1.1M: Skill Builder-Making Oral Presentations

Organizing an Oral Presentation


Lesson 1.1N: Expatriates - Canadian Artists in France

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

National Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery

Eyes on Art

CLN Art History Theme Page


Lesson 1.1O: Urbanization - The Growth of Cities

PlannersWeb Online Articles

Lower Fraser Basin Ecosystem Project

United Nations Human Settlements



Lesson 1.1P: King Coal - Mining on Vancouver Island

Energy Matters

Turning Down the Heat

B.C. Hydro Power Smart Home FAQs

Charlotte's Energy Module

Coal Association of Canada


Section 1.2 Facing the World - 1911 - 1920

Lesson 1.2A: Skill Builder - Recognizing Bias

Bias in the News


Lesson 1.2B: The Balance of Power - The World in 1911

The Dreadnought Race


Lesson 1.2C: The Eastern Question - Confrontation in the Balkans


War in the Balkans Index

World Fact Book


Lesson 1.2D: The British Empire - Canada and the Dominions

Britain and Canada - 500 Years

Historical Facts on Canada


Lesson 1.2E: The Election of 1911 - Reciprocity

Canada-US Relations

Council of Canadians


Lesson 1.2F: Public Health - Crisis in Canadian Cities

PlannersWeb Online Articles

United Nations Human Settlements


Lesson 1.2G: Rock Slide - Endangering the Salmon Run

DFO Coho Conservation

DFO Communications Pacific Region

B.C. Ministry of Fisheries


Lesson 1.2H: Coming to Canada - The Komagata Maru Affair

The Komagata Maru

Artists Against Racism

Statistics on Immigrant Populations, 1961 to Present


Lesson 1.2I: Canada Enlists - Reactions to the War

World War One: Letters Home

Memoirs From World War One

First Hand Accounts

Canada and The First World War

Military History: World War One


Lesson 1.2J: At War in Europe - The Western Front

Vimy Ridge

Lest We Forget


Lesson 1.2K: War Artists - The War Memorials Fund

Canada's War Artists


Lesson 1.2L: Canada at War - The Home Front

Women in the War

War Posters

The War Measures Act (Racism Articles)


Lesson 1.2M: The War Hits Home - The Halifax Explosion

The Halifax Explosion

Natural Hazard Preparedness

Earthquakes Hazards Program

Emergency Preparedness Links


Lesson 1.2N: A Country Divided - The Conscription Crisis

Conscientious Objection League Web Links


Lesson 1.2O: The Suffrage Movement - Women Get the Vote

Nellie McClung and the Suffrage Movement

Emily Murphy


Lesson 1.2P: Canadians in Russia - The Bolshevik Revolution

Canadian Foreign Policy and Intervention in Siberia

The Russian Revolution


Lesson 1.2Q: Labour Unrest - The Winnipeg General Strike

Winnipeg General Strike


Lesson 1.2R: Cultural Assimilation - Residential Schools

The History of Residential Schools in Canada


Lesson 1.2S: Peace and Security - Versailles and the League of Nations

United Nations/League of Nations

United Nations Home Page

The Versailles Treaty

Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples Final Report


Section 1.3 From Boom to Bust - 1921-1930

Lesson 1.3A: Skill Builder - Cause-and-Effect Relationships<

Characteristics of Critical Thinking


Lesson 1.3B: The Roaring Twenties - The World in 1921

The Roaring Twenties

Important Events From the 1920s


Lesson 1.3C:Mass Media - Maintaining a Canadian Identity

Cultural Sovereignty and the Media

National Film Board of Canada

Telefilm Canada

Canadian Conference of the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts

Canadian Heritage


Lesson 1.3D: The Group of Seven - New Expressions in Art

The Group of Seven and their Contemporaries

The Group of Seven


Lesson 1.3E: Coming of Age - Canada Gains Independence

Government of Canada


Lesson 1.3F: King Versus Byng - The Role of the Governor General

Governor General of Canada


Lesson 1.3G: Government in Canada - The Canadian Constitution

Government of British Columbia

Government of Canada

Law Connection (Canadian Constitution)


Lesson 1.3H: Social Programs - The Canada Pension Plan

The Canada Pension Plan: Basic Facts


Lesson 1.3I: Taking to the Road - Canadians and the Automobile

Automobile History Links,1607,7-192-29938_30240-53443--,00.html

Automotive 101


Lesson 1.3J: Into the Bush - Aviation in Canada

Biplanes and Bush Pilots


Lesson 1.3K: Stock Market Mania - The Crash of 1929

Stock Market Crash (New York Times)

Main Causes of the Great Depression


Lesson 1.3L: Women and Politics - The Persons Case

Famous Five Nation Builders

Women's Right to Vote


Lesson 1.3M: The Allied Tribes - Aboriginal Activism

First Nations Timeline

Nisga'a History Timeline


Lesson 1.3N: The National Progressives - Creating a Multiparty System

Canadian Government

The Liberal Party

The Progressive Conservative Party

The Reform Party

The National Democratic Party

The Bloc


Lesson 1.3O: Totalitarianism - Setting the Stage for War

Totalitarianism Source Page

World War II Timeline

Benito Mussolini

The Rise of Adolf Hitler

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