Social Studies 11 Open School BC
Module 2: History 1914 - 1945

Module 2: History 1914 - 1945

Section 2.1: The Depression Years - 1931-1940

Lesson 2.1A: Skill Builder - Sources of Evidence (no links)

Lesson 2.1B: The Depression - The World in 1931

The Great Depression: Vancouver


Lesson 2.1C: Economic Cycles - Was the Crash Inevitable?

Main Causes of the Great Depression


Lesson 2.1D: Statistical Analysis - The Depression in Canada

Statistics Canada

The Great Depression: Vancouver


Lesson 2.1I: New Political Movements - Third Parties in Canada

Supreme Court of Canada

Reform Party of Canada


Lesson 2.1M: Public Radio - The Creation of CBC

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Canadian Radio - television and Telecommunications Commission


Lesson 2.1N: The League of Nations - The Road to Failure

League of Nations article in Atlantic Monthly (1923)  

League of Nations article in Atlantic Monthly (1920)


Lesson 2.1P: Trouble in Europe - Canada at War, Again

Lest We Forget: World War II

World War Two Commemoration

The History Place: World War Two in Europe

Section 2.2: Coming of Age - 1941-1950

Lesson 2.2A: Skill Builder - Using Historical Maps

CLN Mapping Theme Page


Lesson 2.2C: 1942 - A Year of Crisis



Lesson 2.2D: Canadians in Combat - The Liberation of Europe

Department of Veterans Affairs World War II Web Site

The Valor and the Horror

A-Bomb WWW Museum

Atomic Bomb: Decision


Lesson 2.2F: Serving Their Country - Canadian Women's Wartime Role

Women in World War II


Lesson 2.2H: The Home Front - The Civilian War Effort

Women on the Home Front

Victory Bonding

War Posters


Lesson 2.2I: World Peace - Canada and the United Nations

The United Nations


Lesson 2.2N: Gaining Independence - The Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada


Lesson 2.2O: Aboriginal Veterans - The Impact of War

Native Veterans

Wartime Contribution of Canada's Native Peoples


Section 2.3: The New Suburban Society - 1951-1960

Lesson 2.3B: A New Era - The World in 1951

Cold War History Links

The Commission on Global Governance

The United Nations


Lesson 2.3C: The Korean War - Putting the UN to the Test

Canada's Participation in the Korean War


Lesson 2.3H: The St. Lawrence Seaway - A Transportation Breakthrough

Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System

St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation


Lesson 2.3I: Rock 'n' Roll - Popular Music in Canada

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Lesson 2.3J: Hockey Night in Canada - Contributing to Canadian Identity

National Hockey League

Canadian Women's Hockey

Hockey Hall of Fame


Lesson 2.3M: Grounding the Arrow - Canada's Defence Role

The Avro Arrow Home Page

Cold War History


Lesson 2.3N: Fundamental Freedoms - The Canadian Bill of Rights

Law Connection

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms


Lesson 2.3P: Canada as Peacemaker - The Suez Crisis

Peacekeeping in Canada

Peacekeepers Home Page


Section 3.1: Changing Times - 1961-1970

Lesson 3.1B: Changing Times - The World in 1961

Fourteen Days in October: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

Bob Dylan Lyrics

Martin Luther King, "I Have A Dream" (complete text)


Lesson 3.1C: Geography and Identity - The Impact on Canada

Canadian Symbols


Lesson 3.1G: New Immigration Policies - Eliminating Discrimination

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

British Columbia Population Statistics


Lesson 3.1I: Distributing Wealth - Regional Economic Disparity

Ministry of Employment and Investment of the Province of B.C.


Lesson 3.1J: The Vietnam War - The Impact on Canada

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam Veterans of America

Canadians in Vietnam


Lesson 3.1K: EXPO '67 - Canada's Birthday Bash

Canadian Confederation


Lesson 3.1L: The Status of Women - The Royal Commission

Status of Women Canada


Lesson 3.1O: Greenpeace - Raising Public Awareness



Section 3.2: Emerging Trends - 1971-1980

Lesson 3.2A: Skill Builder - Analysing the News

Bias in the News


Lesson 3.2C: Who Owns Canada? - The Foreign Ownership Debate

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development

The Council of Canadians


Lesson 3.2D: The Federal Government - The Legislative Branch

Canadian Government


Lesson 3.2E: Provincial Governments - Powers and Responsibilities

Government of British Columbia

Federation of Canadian Municipalities


Lesson 3.2G: Arctic Pipeline - The Berger Commission

Mayor Eben Hopson's Testimony Before the Berger Inquiry

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Canadian Arctic Resources Committee


Lesson 3.2H: Multiculturalism - Opposing Viewpoints

Federal Government Multiculturalism Site


Lesson 3.2I: Women's Rights - Making Progress

Celebrating Women's Achievements

Status of Women Canada


Lesson 3.2J: Aboriginal Affairs - New Directions

Nisga'a Treaty

CLN First Nations Treaties Theme Page

Aboriginal Rights Coalition

CLN First Nations History Theme Page


Lesson 3.2K: Acid Precipitation - Cross-Boarder Pollution

Acid Rain Page (Econet)

The ABCs of Acid Rain


Lesson 3.2M: Nuclear Energy - An Ongoing Debate

Doomsday Clock

Atomic Energy Canada



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