Sustainable Resources 12: Agriculture Open School BC
Module 1: An Introduction to Agriculture

Module 1: An Introduction to Agriculture

Section 1: Agriculture: Past and Present

Lesson A: Roots in the Past

How to make a historical timeline:

Agriculture timelines – example:


Lesson B: Agriculture Today

General agriculture statistics,-25&SP_Sort=-0&SP_Mode=2

Agriculture statistics for specific communities


Lesson C: The Agricultural Land Reserve

Battle heats up for future of B.C.’s Agricultural Land Reserve

Agricultural Land Reserve changes could impact BC Cities

Agricultural Land Reserve New Changes

Agricultural Land Commission


Farmland Fight video (2:18) video (:44) video (2:20)


Lesson D: Living on the Edge

Edge Planning

Right to Farm Act (See Striking a Balance section)


Section 2: Down to Earth

Lesson A: The "Dirt" on Soil

Soil Basics

Soil Texture video (2:21)

Soil Structure


Lesson B: Soil Erosion and Compaction

Soil erosion and compaction

Soil erosion experiments


Lesson C: Fertilizers


Lesson D: Manure: The Problem is Piling Up$Department/deptdocs.nsf/all/irr5716


Section 3: Other Problems and Solutions

Lesson A: Pesticides


Lesson B: Integrated Pest Management


Lesson C: Agriculture and Climate Change$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/cl3008


Lesson D: Biotechnology: Blessing or Curse?

Examples of GMOs (for Activity 1 in the lesson)

Genetically Modified Foods

Monsanto vs. Schmeiser

Golden Rice
Golden Rice is a genetically modified form of rice. It has been fortified with Vitamin A in an effort to help combat blindness in many parts of the Third World. video (18:22)


Lesson E: Irrigation


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