Sustainable Resources 12: Agriculture
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Module 2: Agriculture Today

Module 2: Agriculture Today

Section 1: The Economics of Agriculture

Lesson A: Supply Management

BC Chicken Marketing Board

BC Milk Marketing Board

BC Turkey Marketing Board

BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commission>

BC Egg Marketing Board

Milking the System: Is Canada's Supply Management System an Impediment to Free Trade?


Lesson B: Agriculture and Trade

Agricultural subsidies and the World Trade Organization

Global Policy Forum: What are Agricultural Subsidies?


Lesson C: Agri-tourism

List of BC agritourism operations and what they offer

Wikipedia entry

Citing Online Images (for agri-tourism assignment)


Lesson D: Farm Business Management

Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
Enterprise Budgets - Planning for Profit

Metro Vancouver Video: Modern Farming Challenges


Section 2: Changing Times, Changing Tastes

Lesson A: Agricultural Trends

Statistics Canada: What's In Your Grocery Cart?

The BC Agriculture Plan: Growing a Healthy Future for B.C. Families

The Sustainability Road Show Part 2

Glenn Valley Organic Co-op

Lesson B: Organic Farming

Certified Organic Associations of BC

Ministry of Agriculture & Lands
British Columbia Organic Industry Overview

Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada

Canadian Organic Growers Association

Grocery Store Wars
YouTube parody of Star Wars set to the theme of sustainable agriculture, especially organic farming


Lesson C: Buying Locally

Metro Vancouver
Watch: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Part 3: Buying locally & Marketing


Food Fight: Local vs. Global - What's On Your Plate and Where Did it Come From?

Food Routes: Where Does Your Food Come From?

CBC Land and Sea Episode: Turning A Green Leaf

100 Mile Diet - Local Resources

Determining Your 100 Mile Radius

Agriculture, Fish and Food in BC Map is an online food delivery service that specializes in fresh and tasty food grown or produced close to home. To get started, type your postal code in the "just browsing?" section on the bottom left corner of the home page. Next click on the "go shopping" tab at the top of the page, to pick your items.

Statistics Canada: Agricultural Community Profiles:
A user-friendly and easily searchable database where you can find how far you'd have to go to get the product you want to eat - your community, region, province or across the country. This site will give you a good idea of what is being grown and raised in your area. Simply type in your location in the search feature, enter your community name and province and follow the links. You can browse through the tables to discover what's growing in your region.


Lesson D: Food Safety

BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands: Food Safety and Quality

Canadian Food Inspection Agency



E. coli

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/afs4338


Section 3: Working in Agriculture

Lesson A: Careers in Agriculture

Fields for Your Future: Careers in Agriculture

Growing Careers: Occupations in Agriculture and the Food Processing Industry

How to write a job posting

How to write a cover letter


Lesson B: Farm Safety

WorkSafe BC

Farm and Ranch Safety and Health Association (FARSHA)


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