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Working Here

Relaxed. Comfy. Sounds like your favourite pair of jeans – not another day at the office. However, working at OSBC makes staff feel at home. In fact, some on the team say it’s like hanging out with family – complete with warm interactions, celebrations that are fun, lots of laughter and “crazy siblings.”

Even though things are informal around here, there’s also a creative culture that’s freeing and professional enthusiasm that’s contagious. Because the work is diverse and always changing, no one is ever bored. Everyone is open about sharing their knowledge, skills and talent — pulling together to deliver top-notch stuff.

Our Team

Production / Media

“I work with cool cats”

Meet the “makers” – designers who know the secret recipe for blending content, media and interactivity together for a great learner experience. They’re a determined, focused bunch who think outside the box to invent digital or print solutions that will work for education.

Maybe being quirky helps? These folks are normal to look at – they appreciate the finer things in life like a good book, exploring nature or sketching. But when you dig a bit deeper, they’ve got some quirks just like the rest of us…they:

  • Enjoy playtime with clay
  • Know how to spell their names backwards
  • Sing and read to dogs
  • Live like rock stars – with awesome air guitar solos

Project Management / Instructional Design

"We rise by lifting others"

This team demonstrates some “Type A” tendencies as they keep projects on time and on budget. Unflappable in their race against the clock, they use an organized approach to stay ahead of the curve. They’re adept at anticipating project and team needs, often having solutions ready for problems before they even arise.

You really want these guys in your corner because they’re a two-for-one deal that packs a punch – filling the role of both project manager AND instructional designer. They are the glue that holds everything together from the beginning until the end. They are driven by personal fulfillment, a passion for creating effective learning experiences and the desire to shape an idea or concept into something real.

Self-improvement is the mantra for these over achievers: Their logical and straightforward approach to work makes sense because they’re all about being efficient, even when not at work. On their own time, they meditate to stay grounded and read books or crunch numbers just for kicks. They also like being social, so to connect with others they learn languages, get out on the dance floor or organize craft fairs.


“We’re the support team”

These guys think of themselves as the team behind the team. They’re good at listening to rants from colleagues or clients and then doing something about it.

Some of them are “bossy” – taking action when necessary to smooth out project bumps or using verbiage to “talk the talk” with other execs. Instead of micromanaging, they prefer to dabble in projects – connecting with clients, saying inspirational things at project kickoffs and swooping in for the final handshake once everything’s done.

Others on the team are “ringmasters” – providing quality real-time support to clients and staff with a gentle, but firm tone. They’re brilliant at giving plain-language guidance, whipping up documents and executing communications strategies.

They love cake. Actually, they like any baked treat. When it’s time to celebrate…or just because it’s Thursday…these guys are the source of something sweet. Perhaps the sugar and chocolate is their secret weapon in making things run smoothly. Collectively, they also have over 500 sqft of garden space – that helps to keep blood sugar levels balanced.

Education Applications (a.k.a. Ed Apps)

“Our work pairs well with a strong cup of coffee”

This crew of tech superheroes can do almost anything with computers and the World Wide Web – including everything from troubleshooting problems to developing custom applications.

They do the heavy lifting with an open mind, using careful analysis and team collaboration. This thoughtful methodology makes it easy for them to respond using industry best practices or agile development principles.

The Ed Apps team is best known for their fast, friendly customer service. No wonder, since their interpersonal skills are off the charts. We’re pretty sure that clients sometimes just make up problems so they can call to chat with these guys.

Turn it off and on again. The reboot is the solution for almost anything – including brain drain at the office. This rambunctious crew gets a bit stir crazy from being at work all day, so they hit the ground running as they leave. When the day is done, you’ll usually find them burning calories somewhere – surfing, cycling, working out or playing with their kids.