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Wetlands Tour of the Internet duck

Visit the sites listed below. (Just follow the links from the SNOOPS Web Resources so you won’t have to key in the URLs.) Keep careful notes or print out what you discover. You will use this information to write a report on your Activity Sheet.

Go to: Fresh Water Wetlands

Task: Read the introduction and look at the photographs of the bog in Alaska. How is this wetland different from Ben and Elena’s marsh?

Task: Using the links on the site, find the answers to these questions.
         What is a prairie pothole?
         What is a riparian marsh?
         Why are wetlands important? Look for at least three reasons.
         Find 4 examples of animals you would find in a wetland.

Task: Click on the fish-shaped Home icon at the top left-hand side of the page. This will connect you to a page titled “Fresh Water”. Find the list of items on the left. Under the heading “In General”, click on “Aquatic Plants”. Find examples of 4 wetlands plants.

Task: Click on the Home icon again. Now click on “Aquatic Creatures”. Find examples of 4 animals that live in and around water. Click on an animal’s name to a see photograph and information about the animal.


Go to: Types of Wetlands

Task: See the photographs of the different kinds of wetlands here. How many types are listed?

Task: Visit the Northern Bog. List three plants you might expect to find here.


Go to: Ducks Unlimited Nature Notes

Task: Click on an animal’s name to see a photograph and information about the animal.


Go to: CLN Wetlands page

Task: Click on any of the sites listed on this page for a wide range of information on wetlands.


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