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Visit the sites listed below. (Just follow the links from the SNOOPS Web Resources so you won’t have to key in the URLs.) Keep careful notes or print out what you discover. You will use this information to write a report on your Activity Sheet.

Wetlands Threats—on the Internet
Part 1:

Go to: Threats to Wetlands

To learn more about wetlands, visit the websites on the page Wetlands for Kids []

Part 2:

Go to: Fact Sheet: Case Study: Used Oil Recycling

Go to: Used Oil & Filter Facts

Go to: Kid’s Corner Recycling Facts

Go to: Recycle Used Motor Oil

Go to: Used Oil Recycling/What Happens to Your Recycled Used Oil

Go to: The Many Uses of Recycled Motor Oil

Go to: Sea Empress Oil Spill

More Resources

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