Social Studies 5
Open School BC
Module 1: Canada and its People

Module 1: Canada and its People

Lesson 1A: Reading and Using a Relief Map

Relief Maps of Canada

Political Maps of Canada

Lesson 1B: Looking at Your Part of Canada

Nelson, BC,_British_Columbia

Lesson 1C: All Kinds of Canadians

Lesson 1D: Canadian Painters

Lesson 1E: Canada’s First Peoples

Creation Stories


Lesson 1F The French in Canada—Life in New France

Lesson 1G: The French in Canada—Bilingualism


Lesson 1H: The British in Canada


Lesson 1I: Important Canadian Symbols


Lesson 2A: Coming to Canada


Lesson 2B: Black Migration to Canada


Lesson 2C: People from the Pacific Rim


Lesson 2D: Canadian Citizenship

Online Canadian citizenship tests—try these for fun


Lesson 2E: Canadian Heroes


Lesson 2F: Multiculturalism in Canada


Lesson 2G: Our National Anthem


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