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Module 4: Pasaporte al futuro Passport to your future

Module 4: Pasaporte al futuro Passport to your future

Guided Practice 4.1B 1:
Spanish Letter-Writing Guide
Sample Letters
English Spanish Link...Deluxe Letter-Writer

Guided Practice 4.2A 2:
Vancouver Community Network

Guided Practice 4.2A 4:
Spanglish: English's Assault on Spanish

Guided Practice 4.2A 5:
Puentes Brothers

Guided Practice 4.2B 1:
Victoria Law

Guided Practice 4.2B 2:
Hispanic Community Centre

Guided Practice 4.2C 1:
Morahan & Aujla, Immigration Lawyers
Canadian Government Immigration Web Site

Guided Practice 4.2C 3:
1996 Census Population Counts and Census Profiles

BC Stats: Population and Demographics

Click on the Slide Show Presentation (1.3M)

Guided Practice 4.2D 1:
Effective Interview Techniques

Guided Practice 4.3A 1:
The Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Guided Practice 4.3A 3:

Guided Practice 4.3A 4:
MSI-How To Prepare for and Conduct An Effective Interview

Guided Practice 4.3B 5:
Jobs in Spain

Guided Practice 4.3C 5:
On-line Virtual Job Fai

Section Assignment 4.3:
Community Learning Network

Section Assignment 4.4:

Career Services

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions UK|

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