Science & Technology 11
Open School BC
Natural Resources and the Environment

Natural Resources and the Environment

Section 1: Major Natural Resources of British Columbia

Lesson A: What is a Natural Resource?

Wikipedia: Natural Resources

Wikipedia: Non-Renewable Resources

Wikipedia: Renewable Resources

The Canadian Encyclopedia: Resources

Lesson C: From Raw to Ready

How Pencils are Made

How some common products are made

Section 2: Natural Resource Management

Lesson A: An Introduction to Ecology

Ecosystems: Descriptions and Examples

Food Chains and Food Webs

Lesson B: Sustainability

General information on sustainability

Lesson D: Natural Resource Management

Great Bear Rainforest

Section 3: Our Impact on the Environment

Lesson A: Climate Change

Lesson B: Taking Action Against Climate Change

The Kyoto Protocol

Climate Change Initiatives

Purchasing Carbon Offsets

Carbon calculators

Lesson C: The Mountain Pine Beetle

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