Mathematics 7
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Module 7: Statistics and Probability

Module 7: Statistics and Probability

Resources for Sections 7.1 and 7.2

Statistics Canada: Census at School:
Are you interested in what other students across Canada and around the world are up to? Check out the survey results on this site and find out how many people list math as their favourite subject! (This is a great resource for teachers too.) (can be slow to download)

Statistics Canada:
More Canadian statistics than you know what to do with! Check out the most recent statistics, Census information, as well as a number of interactive maps. (This is a great resource for teachers too.)

Section 7.1: Circle Graphs

7.1A: Circle Graphs

BBC Maths File: Data Picking:
Survey several students, collect data, and then pick the graph that matches your data.

7.1B: Understanding Circle Graphs

Piece of Cake:
Test your skills at reading circle graphs, and learn a bit about data analysis along the way.

Section 7.2: Measures of Central Tendency

7.2C: Measures of Central Tendency—Mean

BBC Maths File: Train Race:
Compare the mean, median and range to help you decide which train to take. (Three levels to choose from.)

BBC Handling Data: Mode, Median and Mean:
An interactive look at mode, median and mean. Determine the mode, median and mean for the heights of the buildings.

Section 7.3: Probability

7.3A: Expressing Probabilities

BBC Handling Data: Probability:
Find the coordinates on the grid and then find the equation of the line that you’ve created.

7.3B: Independent Events

BBC Maths File: Fish Tank:
Take a dive in the fish tank and calculate the probability of catching a red fish. (Three levels to choose from.)

Probability Games:
Play five different probability games. Try your luck at coin-flipping, dice-rolling, and looking for the winning key.

7.3C: Sample Space

Interactive: Experimental Probability:
Choose your own custom spinners or dice and test out experimental probabilities.

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