Mathematics 7
Open School BC
Module 5: Patterns

Module 5: Patterns

Section 5.1: Patterns, Variables, and Expressions

5.1A: See a Pattern

Making Patterns:
Drag various shapes to create your own pattern. See if you can make all the patterns listed on the first page.

Number Cracker:
Choose your difficulty level and guess which number comes next in the pattern.

Kidport: Patterns:
Fill in the missing numbers to complete the sequence of numbers.

5.1B: Write an Expression

Number Cruncher:
Create a table of values using the number cruncher. Then try to create a rule for the pattern.

Translation Match Puzzle:
Drag and drop to match the description in words to the symbols and numbers.

5.1C: Evaluate an Expression

Late Delivery:
Help the postman deliver his letters by finding the value of the expression written on each door.


Section 5.2: Graphing Linear Equations

5.2B: Graphing an Expression

Planet Hop:
Find the coordinates on the grid and then find the equation of the line that you’ve created.

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