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Module 1 – À la maison (At Home)

Introductions and Good-byes
This site has matching and word searching games about making introductions and saying good-bye in French.

Song: "Sur le pont d'Avignon"
This is part of a site that has French songs and poems. Click on the title "Sur le pont d'Avignon" (it's the 20th title (3/4 of the way down) in the second column).

Maybe you or someone in your family knows this song and will sing it with you. The song is about people dancing and greeting each other on the Avignon bridge. (Avignon is a city in France). There are beautiful ladies ("les belles dames"), handsome men ("les beaux messieurs"), and chefs ("les cuisiniers").

Frère Jacques
At this site you can find out the words to Frère Jacques in other languages.

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