B.C. First Nations Studies 12 Open School BC
Module 4 Contemporary Issues

Module 4: Contemporary Issues

Section 4.1: Aboriginal Identity and Community

Section 4.1 Assignment Part A: Defining Métis

Defining Métis
A website concerning the definition of Métis.

Section 4.1 Assignment Part B: Friendship Centre Brochure

B.C. Friendship Centres
Links to the webpage of each B.C. Friendship Centre


Section 4.2: Self-Determination and the Treaty Process

Rethinking the Reserve

Extensive coverage in the National Post related to issues concerning the First Nations in Canada, with particular attention paid to recent entrepreneurial developments taking place in First Nations reserves, in particular with construction. Includes and editorial response from Phil Fontaine, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, to the postings.
Part 1: 'Real warriors hold jobs'

Part 2: Shackled by red tape

Part 3: Problems of governance

Lesson 4.2.B: The Treaty Process

B.C. Treaty Commission Nations List
List of all the First Nations in B.C. presently involved in treaty negotiations.

B.C. Treaty Commission Status Update
Update on the status of negotiations for all First Nations in B.C. presently involved in the treaty process.


Section 4.3: Rebuilding Healthy Communities

Section 4.3 Assignment Part B: Aboriginal Control of Health and Child Welfare

Surrounded by Cedar
An Aboriginal-run child welfare agency

Guided Practice 4.3.C 2:  Aboriginal Healing Projects

Aboriginal Healing Foundation B.C. projects
A listing of active projects in B.C. funded by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation.

Section 4.3 Assignment Part E: Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education Programs in B.C.

Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association
A list of Aboriginal post-secondary institutions in B.C.


Section 4.4: Contemporary Economic Development

Section 4.4 Assignment Part A: Research a Case Study of Aboriginal Business Development

Dogwood Initiative
A summary of the Port Alberni Hydro-Electric Dam project.

Aboriginal Business Canada
Examples of successful Aboriginal businesses in Canada.

Aboriginal Business Hall of Fame
Biographies of leaders in Aboriginal Business

Success stories of Aboriginal businesses in B.C.

Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia
A very informative website about Aboriginal tourism in B.C.


Section 4.5: Aboriginal Language Renewal

Lesson 4.5 B: Initiatives to Preserve Aboriginal Languages

Online learning tool for Aboriginal languages in Canada

Previously Funded Aboriginal Language Programs in B.C.
Listing of programs funded by the First People’s Heritage, Language and Culture Council of B.C.


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