B.C. First Nations Studies 12 Open School BC
Module 2 Contact, Resistance and Leadership

Module 2: Contact, Resistance and Leadership

Section 2.2: The Colonial Era (1849-1871)

Lesson 2.2B: Historical Roots of the Métis

Métis Culture and Heritage Resource Centre, Michif Language
Information regarding the Michif language

Métis Culture and Heritage Resource Centre (select “Biographies”)
Biographical information regarding individuals recognized as playing an important role in Manitoba history, including Louis Riel, Gabriel Dumont, John Norquay, Elzéar Goulet, Cuthbert Grant, Marguerite Monet, Damas Carrière, and Yvon Dumont.

MMF Métis Settlements and Communities
Information about Métis settlements and communities in Canada and the United States,
from the Manitoba Métis Federation website.

Batoche National Historic Site of Canada
Information on the Battle of Batoche, as well as background information on the Métis, the
North West Rebellion and the Métis Resistance.

Métis National Council

“The Métis Nation”: Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Information on the Métis, including a copy of Pierre Falcon’s song, “The Battle of Seven Oaks”.


Section 2.4: Modern Canada

Lesson 2.4B: The World Wars and the Korean War

V.A.C. Canada Remembers: Native Soldiers Foreign Battlefields
Veteran Affairs Canada website with well organized information on the Aboriginal contributions to WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. Information is also available on the website in downloadable pdf format.

Aboriginal Veterans: Stories of Honour and Heroism
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada website. Information pertaining to Aboriginal solider contributions to WWI and WWII is interspersed throughout the site, and students will have to pay close attention to which war is being discussed.

Penguin Reading Guides: Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden
Fascinating biographical information about Joseph Boyden, and insightful commentary regarding how the writing process unfolded for Three Day Road. The interview also includes information regarding actual events that helped inform the settings included in the novel.

Compuserve OurWorld Resources: Aboriginal Veterans
Background information on the participation of Aboriginal soldiers in the 1884 'Battle of Khartoum' in the Sudan, WWI, WWII, and the Korean War.

Aboriginal Veterans Tribute
Aboriginal Veterans Homepage, with links to a tribute to the Yukon’s Aboriginal Veterans, Stoney Warriors who fought at the Battle of Little Bighorn, and information on the “Chicotin War” and the  1864 Tsilqot’in Chiefs Memorial.

The World Wars and the Korean War: Veterans
Information on Aboriginal veterans from the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada website.


Lesson 2.4C: Post World War Policy and Administration

Indian Control of Indian Education
Originally published in 1972 by the National Indian Brotherhood, this landmark document changed the course of Aboriginal education in the 20th century,

Report of the Royal Commission On Aboriginal Peoples


Lesson 2.4D: The Land and the Law

Delgamuukw - A community struggle for aboriginal title
This website provides a comprehensive timeline describing events pertaining to the Delgamuukw
trial, with addtional information regarding Gitxsan traditional governance. Newspaper articles,
photographs, and audio recordings are included on the site.


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