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Contents of the Writer's Style Guide

Using the Writer's Style Guide

Planning Your Piece of Writing

Formatting Your Piece of Writing

Following Style Conventions

Citing Sources

Examples of Works Cited (MLA Style)

A Note about MLA and APA Styles

This Writer's Style Guide mainly uses Modern Languages Association (MLA) style. It is the preferred style in many North American colleges and universities.

American Psychological Association (APA) style is an alternative style that many colleges and universities require for courses in social sciences. APA style is addressed in another booklet, the Social Sciences Style Guide.

The MLA and APA styles do not normally use footnotes or endnotes to indicate sources of information. Those kinds of documentation were once more widely used, and you should be aware that some faculties of history and other disciplines still require them. Once you have learned to apply MLA style consistently, you will find that you can soon learn alternative styles if the need arises.

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