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  Module 4: Family Law

Module 4: Family Law

Lesson 4.1A: Definition of Family, Purposes of Family Law, and Cultural and Economic Expectations

Canada’s Evolving Definition of the Family

Marriage and Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Unions


Lesson 4.1B: Formal and Essential Requirements of Marriage

How to Get Married in British Columbia

Marriage: Legal Requirements


Lesson 4.1C: Common Law / Cohabitation Agreements

Living Common-Law: Your Rights and Responsibilities


Lesson 4.1D: Annulment and Separation

Parenting After Separation: A Handbook for Parents


Lesson 4.1E: Divorce

A Teen Guide to Separation and Divorce

Canadian Divorce Law

Divorce Laws in Canada

Family Justice


Lesson 4.1F: Property Division and Spousal Support

Basics of Family Law: Spousal Support


Lesson 4.2A: Custody

If Your Marriage Breaks Up: Dealing with the Legal Issues

Custody & Guardianship Under British Columbia's Family Relations Act


Lesson 4.2B: Access and Support

Basics of Family Law: Child Support


Lesson 4.2C: Protecting Children

Keeping Our Children Safe: Child Protection in BC

Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights: A Parent’s Guide to Child Protection Law in BC

BC Ministry of Children and Family Development: Protecting Children


Lesson 4.2D: Adoption

Adoptive Families Association of BC

BC Ministry of Children and Family Development: Adoption Site

British Columbia: Adoption Options


Lesson 4.3A: An Introduction to Wills

Wills in Canada: An Introduction

Living Wills: FAQ’s

LeanLegal FAQ - Wills


Lesson 4.3B: Elements of a Valid Will

About Wills and Estates

Writing Your Own Will


Lesson 4.3C: Dying Without a Will

Intestacy: A Definition

If You Die Without a Will: Rules of Intestate Succession in Canada

What if I Die Without a Will (Intestate)?


Lesson 4.3D: Settling an Estate

Settling an Estate

Winding Up an Estate


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